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Unleash employee potential through Attensi Simulation-Based Training

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Attensi’s 3D gamified simulations…
The Attensi Simulation Engine enables fast and precise creation of 3D simulations.
enable you to transform behavior…
Your employees get to practice procedures and interact with customers or patients, in a virtual replica of their work space.
which leads to real-world results
The Attensi Performance Portal is a control / engagement center that you can log into to track employee progress and ensure you’re achieving your key business objectives.
Pål Wibe

‘We started cooperating with Attensi in 2015, and quickly saw that this tool was very useful and it became a key element in a comprehensive program that created significant uplift in total sales and basket size. Our employees enthusiastically embraced this form of training, which gave us a uniquely high penetration rate, for a training tool.

Due to the success we now consider Attensi to be a key platform for online operational improvement initiatives and continue to expand our engagement with them.’

Pål Wibe, CEO


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Finding innovative ways to support complex organizational change

Finding innovative ways to support complex organizational change

How can you prepare 5000 employees to adopt new procedures, and new technology in a new hospital? The Ostfold Hospital Trust used an Attensi gamified 3D simulation to successfully train employees BEFORE the hospital opened. Attensi’s 3D virtual worlds are ideal for learning, growing and developing in a safe environment.

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Make training fun

Making training fun

Attensi simulations are different from other training solutions. They use a unique blend of gamification and realism, combined with deep and varied interactivity. The simulations adapt to the individual participant, making them fun and engaging.

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Hands-on management tools

Giving you hands-on management tools

The Attensi Tool Suite is cutting-edge and consistently enables customers to achieve real-world, operational change. Yet, the user-face is simple and easy to use. Attensi’s customers consistently meet or surpass their KPIs in sales, customer service and patient care.

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Anne Lise Waal

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Krister Kristiansen

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Bjarne Johnson

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